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Custom Design

A custom design for a bride is available if the design is within the range of our styles and materials. This also includes customization of our current styles to create the best look of a bride.

Combining two styles

Some of Vwidon brides have chosen to combine two styles from our collection, and successfully created their own looks. Combining or rearranging elements of the existing styles from our own collections is in fact a part of our designing process, too.


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Adding / changing details

Adding details such as belt, bow or buttons can sometimes be a final magic touch for a bride. Changing a neckline or a drop waist position can also be a crucial process to make the style work perfectly for a bride.


customization illustration 02

Changing materials

Although we usually don’t recommend fabric change since the material and design are very much dependent to each other, in some cases switching fabrics within the materials that share similar characteristics can create a unique style for a bride. In those cases, we will happily make the change.



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